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Winter Solstice

While going through images to find a good photo for good wishes this Holiday, I found this one. I originally turned it down because it was too spring-like. However, I came back to it. I took this photo in the arts district in Beijing this past spring.

Today, The shortest day of the year, is a time to spend with family, observe the changes in nature and reflect on what's happened in the past year. I am so fortunate to have such great relationships with my family and friends. You have all helped me so much over the past year. Nothing can replace that. Thank you!

Tomorrow is the beginning of each day becoming lighter and brighter. This is an opportunity for new personal growth. That is why this image spoke to me this morning. I like the grouping of trees, all different, yet work together in harmony. I love the color interactions with the vibrant spring green against the old red bricks. I love seeing the bricks though the vines in which an unknown amount of new growth will appear. The graffiti on the walls adds an element of young human vitality. All together, there is such life in this photo, from old to new; from still to active; from freedom to the unknown.

I wish everyone a peaceful holiday season, a beautiful winter solstice, and a flourishing new year.

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Beijing Trees

I had never been to China before, and the first thing that struck me were the hundreds of thoughtfully pruned trees everywhere. This has become the focus of my new body or work which will be exhibited in March, 2017 in Washington DC at the Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery. I am still creating on this body of work. You can get sneak peaks if you follow me on instagram or facebook. Or follow my blog here.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time for sharing, a time for giving thanks, and a time for celebrating this years harvest. The heart of this painting, based on the marketplace, reminds me of the colors of the harvest, and the energy of a family. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Peace in Opposition

I am saddened that our country is so politically divided. Families too are divided.

The opposition reminds me of a body of work I created while living in Hawaii for a short period in 2007. I realized that in Hawaii, many opposites exist together and are dependent on one-another. I re-read my statement about that body of work (you can read here: Island Rhythms—Essential Counterparts for Life and Harmony).

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