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Peace in Opposition

I am saddened that our country is so politically divided. Families too are divided.

The opposition reminds me of a body of work I created while living in Hawaii for a short period in 2007. I realized that in Hawaii, many opposites exist together and are dependent on one-another. I re-read my statement about that body of work (you can read here: Island Rhythms—Essential Counterparts for Life and Harmony). I developed these paintings with a harmony between two parts. My brushwork and drips of paint combined the top white part and the bottom colored part. Some of the bottom colored parts have unknown hidden spaces. The top half of the canvas is more open and up-lifting. I created the drips to go across both counterparts to create a unity between the two parts. I put poetic marks that sit on top of the layers of paint to show a quiet space. I created a subliminal circle in each canvas to give the feeling that the two parts will be unified into a whole.  

I’m searching for peace and harmony in my personal life right now. How can we find some sort of unity with each other?