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In Between, by Karen Silve

In Between, Acrylic on Canvas, 58" x 60"

This new painting, In Between, came from my memories of floating in the Mediterranean Sea during my stay in Nice. I’m not a water person, but it became my daily ritual to walk from my apartment in old town, down to the beach and simply walk into the warm water of the Mediterranean. The calm salt water would allow me to float comfortably, kicking slowly and rarely with my legs and waving my arms effortlessly. There was something so soothing and meditative about being there. I would watch the shoreline in the distance, keeping my head above water. Sometimes with my ears in the water so I couldn’t hear anything other than muffled underwater sounds and the lapping of the water. The warm gold and coral colored buildings and dark green trees would begin to disappear from behind the swells while the water and sky would almost connect. The warmth of the life on land would re-appear. Over and over, I would watch while I let my concerns disappear. This was my daily ritual that centered me and simply made me content and happy. This painting will be going to Susan Calloway Fine Art in Washington DC for my art exhibition in April, Memories: The In-Between. Contact me for more information.