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hope and healing— a poetic language of trust and intimacy

These special works were made in dedication to my friend who was in intensive care for five weeks and then overcame the impossible. During her time in a coma, I found myself desperate to speak to her. This visceral body of work represents those intimate moments and conversations during that time and through her healing process. We are who we are because of where we've been. My friend was dependent on the strength of her body which was made up by her emotional and physical history. The history of these canvases are built with layers of paint, graphite, and pencils carving into wet paint, then sometimes sanding and reworking. The color represents our tangible history and structure, while the white exhibits our intuitive sense. Many of my marks are made with my eyes closed. This process gave me energy moving from my feet, and up through my body and out through my hands. It was a dependency of trust. I was able to speak instinctively. Music has always been a part of my art and it has also influenced these paintings. I chose methodical, instrumental music with a medium uplifting tempo to give me comfort. Just like my friend gained comfort through the touch and voice of her friends. I look at these works as a language without words; a poem understood on an intuitive level. These personal and intimate paintings reveal my poems and conversations with a friend in an abstracted state of mind.