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Scalloped Crispy Potatoes

Scalloped Crispy Potatoes



  • Yukon Gold Potatoes, thinly sliced with a mandoline

  • Salt

  • Garlic Cloves Smashed

  • Duck Fat

  • Rosemary


  1. Flavor the water with salt and smashed garlic. Bring to a boil. Then submerge the sliced potatoes for 3 minutes. Take out and place on kitchen towel.

  2. Coat the bottom of a baking dish, or cast iron dish with the duck fat. Arrange slices of potatoes in the baking dish, stuffing them snug. Place the wedges of rosemary and the smashed garlic in the corners and sides. Melt more duck fat, and coat thoroughly the tops of the potatoes. Bake in a 400º oven for 1 hour.

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